L&E Once Again Wins Telly Awards for Ethics & Compliance Training & Communications!


L&E wins two more Telly Awards for Ethics & Compliance Training & Communications! That makes 4 winning campaigns in the last two years. Woo with a Hoo!

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L&E’s COMPLIANCE COMMERCIALS” win a Telly Award for Ethics & Compliance Training & Communications!

This series of 60-second videos promote the importance of ethics, compliance, careful communication and speaking up with a smile. And since they are short and have some entertainment value, companies utilize them to get increased airtime and real estate on internal training and comms channels. It’s a great way to increase the visibility and approachability of E&C without taking up too much time and without boring people to tears.


To view this creative campaign, please contact L&E here


Congratulations to The Federal Reserve Bank of New York’s Compliance Office for their campaign “InFed-Stigate with Cam Pliance!”

This series features an investigative reporter who roves around the office, speaking with real FED employees to investigate a variety of ethics and compliance issues with a bit of personality, playfulness and dare we say…fun! The campaign continued with a series of “Zoom-Style” interviews with subject matter experts to shed light on ethics, privacy, conflicts  and the importance of speaking up. This is a great example of a serious company, who takes the issues very seriously, utilizing a creative approach to ensure employees pay attention, engage and remember. Kudos and congratulations to the compliance education team at the FED! 

To view this creative campaign, please contact L&E here.


The Telly Awards is the premier award honoring video and television across all screens. Established in 1979, The Telly Awards receives over 12,000 entries from all 50 states and 5 continents. This year’s winners reflect the important work of storytelling, innovation and tenacious creativity.

Ronnie Feldman, President & Creative Director, Learnings & Entertainments

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