Applied improvisation is “yoga for your communication & leadership skills”*

Improvisation is often associated with comedy, however the skills of an improviser have broader application than just the stage. To create in the moment, off the top of our heads, in collaboration with others, improvisers tap into a toolkit of well-honed communication skills that have been nurtured through practice. This helps us to be creative, agile, positive, and to be great listeners and collaborators. This improv toolkit can be taught and has great application to business communication, leadership and professional development.

An Improvisers Toolkit

Improv Workshops & Keynotes

Customized, Interactive, Experiential, Fun!

Through a series of structured, interactive, tailored small-group exercises and role-plays, we provide a crash course in the fundamentals of improvisational and theatrical techniques and bridge its application back to business communication and leadership.

These are fun, shared experiences designed to create an environment where participants can practice new things in a safe environment. Participants walk away with a specific set of skills and a philosophical mindset that can be applied on a day-to-day basis in their everyday work lives.

  • EWorkshops: Half Day & Full Day
  • EConferences: Keynotes & Breakouts
  • EProgram Design & Curriculum Development
Corporate Improv


We blend entertainment with learning to make important, hard-to-get-at subjects more engaging and memorable.

There’s a difference between having a difficult conversation and a conversation about a difficult thing.

Entertain to engage. Communicate Colorfully.

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