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is a creative services and content provider built on the foundation that: 

The best learning is engaging, interactive, fun and ongoing.

The best entertainment is based on truth, opens doors to new perspectives and points of view.

Employees are business people some of the time and people-people all of the time! We employ fun communication styles and forms that people use in their every-day lives and apply them to corporate environments.

What We Do

Using the philosophies of improvisation as a foundation for collaboration and innovation, we partner with the top comedians, writers and directors from the improv comedy community to deliver the following services:

L&E Suites: Subscription libraries of short, entertaining, customizable trainings and communications.

L&E Productions: Communication, reinforcement and learning campaigns. Creative consulting, program and content development.

L&E Live: Live comedic programming built around your corporate messaging.

L&E Learning: Interactive, experiential improv-based learning programs to improve communication and leadership skills.

POV: The “forgetting curve is steep.”

According to the Association for Talent Development, 87% of corporate learning is lost within the first month. We can help.

Creative Campaigns Around Your Corporate Training…Let’s Invertise!

Purposeful Humor In Service of Your Message.

Entertain & Engage.

Remind & Reinforce.

Change Corporate Culture. Communicate Colorfully.


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