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We’re translators who help you communicate more effectively with empathy and humor.

We help you to tell better stories and make your most important corporate messaging stand out.


A network of professional improv, comedy performers, writers, directors, musicians and crew with roots at The Second City, iO, The Annoyance, and UCB with multiple credits in film, television and the stage.

A network of business strategy, communication and learning professionals.


“training by itself isn’t enough.” “You absolutely have to be engaged in an ongoing communication effort with employees around your key risk areas.”

– Erica Salmon Byrne, former EVP of Governance Solutions at New York Stock Exchange Governance Services

“Ronnie and his team have been great innovators in corporate education, helping to make important, but often dull topics more engaging and accessible. They are quite creative and use fun to their advantage. The result is that people learn and remember.”

– Gary Ernster, Corporate Integrity Officer, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

“its important to understand the need to communicate with employees like real people.” “Ronnie and his team have made a real impact in the world of corporate culture and compliance”

-Ted Banks, President of Compliance & Competition Consultants, LLC.

“Ronnie’s energy, creativity and collaborative nature was instrumental in helping our team grow our corporate education business at NYSE Governance Services. We had great success together.”

-Jim Morris, Sr. Vice President Corporate Programs, ECornell

Origins of L&E

RNF.Headshot.2014.adjust_WEBL&E was founded by Ronnie Feldman who has been an entrepreneur in the improv, entertainment and learning space for over 20 years. Ronnie built a corporate education business with Second City Works, the B2B arm of the famed improv comedy institution. Most notably, he led the development of what came to be known as the RealBiz Video Communication Libraries, which helped create a new category in corporate education…marketing for training. Under his direction, the business became a multimillion dollar enterprise collaborating with hundreds of businesses including 25% of the Fortune 1000.

By partnering with executives and learning professionals, listening and reacting to common industry challenges, and leveraging a network of improv comedy talent, Ronnie led the development of tons of fun, meaningful content around important learning topics to help engage, educate, remind and reinforce. Building on this foundation L&E continues to challenge and disrupt the corporate education space, partnering with other like-minded individuals and businesses to help make learning more fun, meaningful and impactful.

Articles & Speaking Engagements

West Coast General Counsel’s Forum “Winning Employee Buy-In” (speaking)

“Corporate Culture Lessons from an Improv Comedy Theater”(article)”

“How to Affect Corporate Culture” Inside Compliance (video)”

“The Power of Story: Insights for Communicating Ethics & Compliance” The Compliance & Ethics Institute (speaking)

“Insights for Communicating Corporate Risk” The Conference Board of Canada (speaking)

“Communication & Affecting Corporate Culture” Pharma Congress & Best Practices Forum (speaking)

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