L&E Wins 3 More Telly Awards for Ethics & Compliance Training & Communications – That’s 4 Years in a Row!


L&E wins its 9th Telly Award in 4 years!
Comedy & Compliance is no Joke!


L&E’s Integrity, Respect & Speak Up Commercials Win Telly Awards for
Ethics & Compliance Communications

L&E’s pharma parody series of commercials wins a 2024 Employee Communication Telly Award! These entertaining 60-second shorts promote the importance of integrity, workplace respect and speaking up with some positivity and a smile. Because they are short and entertaining, they can be integrated into lots of training and communication channels to increase engagement, exposure and to drive traffic to policies and learning resources.

Click on each image to see two examples. To view other corporate risk training and communications, contact L&E here.

Ferguson Enterprises Wins a 2024 Telly Award
for Ethics & Compliance Education & Train
For Their Do-It-Right-Rick Series

Congratulations to Ferguson Enterprises for winning a 2024 Telly Award for their corporate risk character Do-It-Right-Rick! This series features a playful, positive, animated spokesperson who was lives in the world of plumbing and building supplies. He makes ethics and compliance topics relatable by speaking directly to the audience in their language around their issues, without being boring or preachy. Ferguson roles out a video every other month or so on a different risk topic. Rick’s image is also used on their intranet site, in courses, in emails to help tie the program together underneath a recognizable, creative umbrella. Rick has become Ferguson’s legal and compliance mascot and a fan favorite. This is a great example of a serious company, who takes the issues very seriously, utilizing a creative approach to ensure employees pay attention, engage and remember. Kudos and congratulations to the compliance education team at Ferguson Enterprises!

To see request a preview of this innovate learning series, contact L&E here.

Yum! Brands Wins a 2024 Telly Award
for Ethics & Compliance Education & Train
For Their TASTE Series of
Communications and Courses

Congratulations to Yum! Brands for winning a 2024 Telly Award for their ethic & compliance rebranding efforts, communications and e-learning series. Recognizing that the ethics & compliance brand didn’t have the best image within the organization, they didn’t pout about it…they changed it. Introducing TASTE – Trust * Accountability * Support * Togetherness * Ethics

This lead to a series of video shorts highlighting different risk topics, all the while promoting the TASTE brand with a catchy jingle.

  • “Have good TASTE!”
  • “Today’s Good TASTE Recipe…Gifts & Entertainment!”
  • “Questions? Concerns? The TASTE team is available for advice and support.”

The campaign was extended by developing a series of e-learning courses utilizing the TASTE theme.

This campaign has made ethics & compliance training something that employees actually look forward to. Congratulations to the Yum! Brands TASTE team for caring enough to present these important topics with some creativity, positivity and a smile. Huzzah!

To see request a preview of this innovate learning series, contact L&E here.


The Telly Awards is the premier award honoring video and television across all screens. Established in 1979, The Telly Awards receives over 12,000 entries from all 50 states and 5 continents. This year’s winners reflect the important work of storytelling, innovation and tenacious creativity.

Ronnie Feldman, President & Creative Director, Learnings & Entertainments

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