Ethics & Compliance and The Halo Effect – Is Cognitive Bias Working For or Against You?

Feb 10, 2023

In this episode, Tom and Ronnie discuss ethics and compliance and the Halo Effect, i.e. how cognitive bias impacts the E&C program.


Tom Fox

Ronnie Feldmen


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About This Episode

In this episode of Creativity and Compliance, Tom and Ronnie discuss ethics and compliance and the Halo Effect – how cognitive bias impacts the E&C program.

  • We all have implicit biases. There is positive bias – The Halo Effect. There is negative bias – The Horn Effect.
  • Employees historically have a negative implicit bias associated with Ethics & Compliance, which impacts your program. Reputation does matter.
  • People do not speak up and ask for help when they are bored, annoyed or afraid. The tendency is to bury their problems.
  • Mixing in entertaining training and communications not only helps with stickiness of learning, it provides a residual Halo Effect.
  • The Halo Effect is not just a residual benefit…it is the primary benefit. It’s more important for employees to feel supported than to have memorized policies.
  • Maya Angelou once said, “People don’t remember what you said, but they’ll remember how you made them feel.”
  • Mixing in creative, entertaining training and communications that are entertaining, interesting, provocative, empathetic is not a nice to have…it’s critical to establishing that positive ethics and compliance PR that is necessary to get implicit bias working for you and not against you.

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