Using Music for Ethics & Compliance Training & Comms – E&C Jams

Dec 19, 2022

In this episode, Tom and Ronnie discuss the new video series E&C Jams and the technique of using music to convey these weighty, important topics.


Tom Fox

Ronnie Feldmen


60-Second Communication & Awareness Shorts
A variety of short, customizable, quick-hitter “commercials” including songs & jingles, video shorts, newsletter graphics & Gifs, and more. Promote integrity, compliance, the Code, the helpline and the E&C team as helpful advisors and coaches.

Workplace Tonight Show! Micro-learning
A library of 1-10-minute trainings and communications wrapped in the style of a late-night variety show, that explains corporate risk topics and why employees should care.

Custom Live & Digital Programing
We’ll develop programming that fits your culture and balances the seriousness of the subject matter with a more engaging delivery.

Tales from the Hotline
Fast, fun case studies about workplace behavior gone wrong, brought to life by comedians and storytellers.

About This Episode

In this episode of Creativity and Compliance, Tom and Ronnie discuss L&E’s new video series “E&C Jams” and the technique of using music to convey these weighty, important topics. Utilizing the common entertainment devices that people use to consume information in their everyday, non-work lives and applying it in the workplace helps to stand out and get noticed. It’s not about the funny. It’s about changing the tone of the conversation to make the information more engaging, accessible and digestible.

E&C Jams utilized a soulful singer who banters about ethics & compliance, explaining policies, sharing examples, and debunking excuses. Ronnie goes so far as to say about E&C Training Jams, “quite frankly, this is the coolest thing that we’ve ever made. You’re learning things, but the music gets stuck in your head, and they leave you with a smile.” 



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