Entertaining for Impact: Using Comedy to Transform Employee Engagement


Entertaining for Impact:
Using Comedy to Transform
Employee Engagement

L&E’s Ronnie Feldman joined Ethico’s Nick Gallo to walk through the business case for utilizing creative, entertaining approaches to improve compliance and speak up culture. You can access and watch the webinar here.

If you’re curious about why more and more companies are utilizing comedy for compliance training, communication and employee engagement, then you’ll want to watch this webinar. We answer common questions, debunk misconceptions, and share success stories.

  • Halo Effect & Speak Up Culture: People do not speak up when they are bored, annoyed or afraid. People won’t go to the office of “No.” Short, entertaining, frequent programming makes your company and its resources more welcoming and approachable.
  • Visibility & Exposure: Short, entertaining, programming helps increase comms & awareness airtime and exposure between trainings without message fatigue! This keeps the support system top-of-mind and drives traffic to resources that are often ignored. (Nudge, nudge)
  • Training/Learning: Short, entertaining programming improves engagement and stickiness of live and online learning. A spoonful of sugar helps medicine go down. (it’s behavioral science!)
  • Educate & Empower Leadership: Short & entertaining programming helps educate and empower leaders to carry these important messages forward on your behalf. If it’s fun, they’ll be more likely to participate. (Make your partner look good and they’ll make you look good)

Ethics & Compliance is all about influence Watch the webinar to see examples and hear the discussion around creative strategies and techniques.

Or contact us at [email protected] and we’ll walk you through the project and discuss ways to apply these techniques to your company and culture.

Ronnie Feldman, President & Creative Director, Learnings & Entertainments

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