Comedians Launch Privacy & Info Security Employee Awareness Communication Campaign


CHICAGO, April 26, 2017 – L&E, a network of comedians, musicians and writers who focus on employee engagement, communication and corporate education, has launched their newest subscription library, the L&E Privacy & Info Security Suites, to help companies raise and maintain employee awareness about the risks associated with this increasingly troublesome topic. The Suites are a large collection of short, fun communications and micro-learnings that act as commercials: songs & jingles, video shorts & animations, memes & GIFs, that surround, support and socialize learning to engage employees in 10-60 seconds.

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“Anyone who watches TV, listens to the radio or surfs online is familiar with advertisers embedding short, catchy commercials to promote their services. We’re approaching this risk area the same way by providing companies with a customizable toolkit of social media style assets that can be pushed out periodically or integrated into the fabric of the organization, like advertising, to raise and maintain awareness all year long. We want to enable cyber security teams to have a presence wherever employees already are with messaging that is simple, positive, interesting and memorable,” says Ronnie Feldman, president of L&E.


“We use the L&E shorts as entertaining advertisements – on screensavers, on newsletters, on departmental websites, on video message boards, in conference call waiting rooms – to not only deliver quick reminders and reinforcements, but also to drive traffic back to tips, tools and resources that can often be ignored. This fun and entertaining method of security awareness helps us get more value out of the resources we’ve already invested in,” says Marc French, CISO, Constant Contact.


“We believe security awareness is extremely important and needs to be kept at the forefront of our employees’ minds. L&E’s creative approach helps us stay engaged with our teams through brief, but memorable trainings that are a great complement to our broader security awareness program,” says Doug Graham, Chief Security Officer, Nuance Communications.


“L&E has brought a lot of fresh, fun ideas,” says Bob Trovato, Manager Information Security, Progressive Insurance. “We can now capture a wider range of audiences quickly, with a consistent message, and have fun doing it.”

The Suites were created in collaboration with privacy and data security professionals from Constant Contact, Nuance Communications and Progressive Insurance. The Suites cover topics including phishing, cloud usage, careful communication, securing devices and surroundings, working remotely, password sharing, social media risk and more.

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