Improv-Based Learning:

Improvisation is not just about the funny.  It is the craft of creating something out of nothing, in the moment, off the top of your head, in collaboration with others, quickly, confidently and without fear of failure.  And guess what? It requires practice. Improv is like “yoga for your social skills.” *

Personalized, Interactive, Experiential, Fun.

We offer workshops and keynotes and develop programming using improvisation and theatrical techniques to improve business communication and leadership skills.

Workshops: Half Day & Full Day

Conferences: Keynotes & Breakouts

Program Design & Development

Common Improv-Based Learning Topics

Communication & Collaboration
Leadership, Coaching, Executive Presence
Presentation Skills
Agility & Adapting to Change

Creativity & Innovation
Sales Effectiveness
Customer Service

Custom Curriculum Design

Here are a few examples:

Improv for Legal & Compliance – Collaboration.  Managing difficult conversations.

Improv for Sales – Listening. Building on the ideas of others. Storytelling.

Improv for Consulting Professionals – Engagement. Rapport. Trust.

Improv for High Potentials – Communication.  Coaching and Feedback.  Confidence.

We Listen. We Work Fast. We Collaborate.

Let's Have Fun!


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(“Yes, And: How Improvisation Reverses “No, But” Thinking and Improves Creativity and Collaboration–Lessons from The Second City”)